What do I need for a makeshift emergency repair kit?

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What do I need for a makeshift emergency repair kit?

Postby ooh_na_na » Fri Jul 01, 2005 1:26 am

Hi guys,

I bought my Aleut second-hand and the only things that came with is what looks like the hull patch kit (black rubber adhesive material, and a small patch of deck fabric). Is the adhesive supposed to attach simply by cutting it and slapping it onto the hull?

I'll be going out at the end of July on a 4 day paddling trip with my Aleut. I don't own the wilderness repair kit so I'm wondering if you all could suggest some of the necessities I might need for a makeshift emergency repair kit? What are some vital things that I should bring along in case something happens to my Aleut?

Thank you all in advance, this forum is terrific!


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repair Kit stuff

Postby MikeV » Fri Jul 01, 2005 9:53 am

I remember this coming up just recently...look in the Accesories and Gear Yak forum and scorll down to: "What to include in repair /spares kit", there are a couple of pages of great suggestions...

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Postby davekru » Fri Jul 01, 2005 10:22 am

In case these are not mentioned where Mike describes, you might need:

small vise grips
seam sealer -- get Seam Grip or Aqua Seal
duct tape -- about 10 feet or so, rolled up small
extra star knob or two
20 feet of 1/8 inch D nylon line
5-6 inch length of aluminum tubing, sized to fit smoothly over longerons -- in case one gets broken
Speedy Stitcher with nylon thread (Seattle Fabrics, REI, or sewing store)
self-adhesive ripstop nylon patching material to match spraydeck color
small sealed bottle of rubbing alcohol to clean hull before patching; maybe baby wipes would do?
small square of 80-grit sandpaper for roughening hull

Yes, the self-adhesive material just goes directly onto the hull. But surface prep is everything for hull repairs, hence the stuff above.

Also, check your rivets before going to make sure none are coming loose. Replace any which look dubious. Get pop rivets from Folbot; they use a special kind which is highly corrosion resistant.
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