The day is saved! A new Fearless Leader has emerged!

Discussion and Planning for Folbot Flamingo Flotilla in 2006

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The day is saved! A new Fearless Leader has emerged!

Postby annd » Sat Nov 12, 2005 10:25 pm

I spoke to the campground reservation folks today, and they have instructions not to take any reservations for any time in 2005 or 2006! So it really is time, I fear, to jettison all hope of any sort of gathering in Flamingo this winter.

Enter the most excellent Paul MacCartney. Yes, that Paul MacCartney, the one who took a group of flotillistas out into the backwaters of Whitewater Bay during Flamingo '03, using a houseboat as mothership!

Paul has volunteered to research and, if the venue proves feasible and acceptable to all, serve as coordinator for a flotilla based in Everglades City. Even though he lives in Ohio, he is very familiar with paddle routes in the area. Heck, he has even paddled there at night! He will be posting his findings about lodging, launch sites, etc., in a day or so, so stay tuned!

If we do switch to Everglades City this year, I know Paul will appreciate help from locals who might be able to scout the area for him. It's a bit tough to get first-hand knowledge of Florida water conditions from Ohio!

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