Everglades City Flotilla, getting closer all the time...

Discussion and Planning for Folbot Flamingo Flotilla in 2006

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Everglades City Flotilla, getting closer all the time...

Postby Paul MacCartney » Mon Dec 12, 2005 10:56 am

Hello everyone, as of now we have about 20 “yes” and 5 “maybe” attendees. That’s not bad for changing things on the fly on such short notice!

Here's what is covered in this post:

- Request for dates
- Chart and book information
- Pancake breakfast
- Sunday paddle
- The Seafood Festival and other alternatives

Request for dates
Ann and I are trying to get a handle on who's doing what when to finalize some planning. If you could let us know about your plans (even if they're not firm), that would help a lot. The sooner the better, but by the end of December would be really helpful. This would include: your arrival and departure dates and your lodging plans.

Chart and book information
Molloy's book on Paddling Everglades National Park covers the Everglades City and 10,000 Islands area nicely.
Jeff Ripple, "Day Paddling, Florida's 10,000 Islands and Big Cypress Swamp" covers a lot of good day paddling options, many of which are launched from US 41. There isn't a lot of overlap between Molloy's and Ripple's. They make a good pair to cover the area. I will bring both books with me and make copies of the key routes for your use.

Charts (www.waterproofcharts.com):
Option 1: Backwater Series charts #251 and #252
Option 2: Everglades City area chart #41
The two options cost about the same and cover roughly the same area. It depends on which style of chart you like. #41 is the large thinner style. #s 251 and 252 are the 22" x 14" thicker cardstock-type maps.

Pancake breakfast
Sounds like Trail Lakes Campground has a screened-in area tailor-made for our traditional first-Sunday pancake breakfast. Ann will be recruiting stoves and flapjack-flippers on Saturday, so beware! If you are planning on bringing any breakfast goodies to share, please let Ann know (arougle@earthlink.net) so that we don't wind up with 22 bottles of Texas hot sauce and no syrup. Not that anyone has anything against Texas hot sauce. Flipping will begin at 8AM on Sunday, 1/29.

Sunday paddle
After the Sunday pancake breakfast, we’ll all head out for a leisurely “get to know the northern Everglades” paddle. Ann and Paul will scope the area when they get in town and pick an appropriate venue. Stay tuned for details.

The Seafood Festival and other alternatives
As mentioned before, the Seafood Festival will be the final weekend of the Flotilla. Of the Flotillians, only Doug Bartow (to my knowledge) has attended the Festival. He said that the seafood was WONDERFUL and features locally caught stone crabs. Alternatives to attending this function include paddling into the backcountry for a few days or going south to the keys for the Bogey and Bacall kayak classic (http://www.kayakfloridakeys.com/Events/b&b.htm). The reason I bring this up is I've got a house in Everglades City reserved for the weekend of the Seafood Festival. It could serve as a home base or flophouse of sorts. However, if nobody wants to attend the Seafood Festival and everyone wants to do something else, then I may cancel the house.
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