It's never too late to join the party!!!

Discussion and Planning for Folbot Flamingo Flotilla in 2006

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It's never too late to join the party!!!

Postby annd » Wed Jan 25, 2006 12:00 pm

Another blizzard in the forecast? All those splinters from that snow shovel handle got you down? Come to the Everglades!! It's never too late -- just show up. No reservations required at Trail Lakes Campground. (Also, no reservations accepted at Trail Lakes Campground....)

Gator Dave just moved 4 rusting RVs out of the way in the group tenting area, so lots of space just opened up. Tell them you're a Folboter when you check in, and they'll point in the right direction. There are also some individual sites open, if you'd prefer more privacy.

The attached photo was taken on the Turner River 3 days ago. That little fellow was just grinning with delight as the warm log toasted his chilly belly.... He was not about to relinquish his spot, no matter how much splashing the photographer did as she tried to maneuver for a better angle.
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Postby cliffy » Fri Jan 27, 2006 10:11 am

Still haven't given up on the possiblility of showing up..... it's not likely.. .. I would surely like to be there to see and be with all you folks.... I traveled through that area some years ago... by-passing it as I went.. .. never even stopped.. but wanted too..... I 've read on it.. looked into it.. yearned for it....... yeah.. I DO want to be there.... !!!

The boats are no longer calling me softly.... they are literally Screaming at me...!!!
Hope I can come.. but more importanly..... Hope yall have fun .....
best-est to you all..
Paddle, enjoy, repeat.

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