Follow up on "FUSION" paint..

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Follow up on "FUSION" paint..

Postby cliffy » Sat Nov 26, 2005 9:23 pm

Well some time has passed.. and I'm trying to follow up on the use of Krylon's "Fusion" paints on hulls for numbering etc...

I have now about 3 months on a hull material sample... and left outside.. under duress... of scraping rubbing.. sun, and rain... etc.....
The paint has held up very well..... I used the Matte finsh variety. .. and it seems to have adhered well.. dosesnt' come off easily.. and appears to be a good choice if you have to put permanent numbers on your hull...
I still support using a removeable sign when you can.. but if you must paint on numbers.... the Krylon Fusion paint seems to work and stay on well.......

On Vinyl.. i'm less than impressed..... it was sticky for a long time.. and will still stratch off easily.. does better if sanded a bit prior to spraying on.. but I'm not impressed ....... however .. it may be the best choice for painting on vinyl just the same......
Sorry these thing take so much time to come back on.. but I wanted a good long test to report on.......
Paddle, enjoy, repeat.

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